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Principles and Practices

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Wednesday, Jan 18th


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our Shaw's Cove location!

Where do I Sign Up?

All of our instructors are licensed Brokers with years of in the field experience.  All instructors teach the practical as well as the philosophical aspects of real estate, engaging in class activities based on "real world" scenarios to better translate into higher understanding.

Classes are offered through the New London Adult Education program at Shaw's Cove, New London, Ct.  

Classes are 12 weeks or 20-22 sessions on Monday and Wednesday  evenings from 6-9 pm.  Classes at the NLAED start in January and September.  Summer sessions are offered based on requests and class minimums. Please call or complete a contact sheet and we'll get you registered!

Academy of Professional Education


The Best Real Estate School Ever !

Welcome, all.

​​New Classes Start 

January 23rd 2017

in New London!

Mon. & Wed. 6-9 pm - 22 sessions

Call for details! 860.235.9718

Whether you are looking to start a career in the multi-faceted field of Real Estate, already licensed but need to take the 60 hours towards your Brokers License or just want to learn about Real Estate from The Best Real Estate School Ever, You're in the right place!